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PalaDrain Perforated Pipes
PalaDrain pipes have perforations (holes) for water transfer and drainage.
All PalaDrain pipes are manufactured from corrugated Polypropylene (PP)
or High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) reinforced with spiral steel.
Ring stiffness varies from SN-8 to SN-16, according to customer specifications.

The PalaDrainPipe is perforated using two methods:
punching holes or cutting slits in the pipe.

The perforations are made in the “valley” portion of the pipe. Perforations can be located

  • Along the pipe’s entire circumference
  • On the upper two-thirds of the pipe
  • Or in any other location or pattern according to customer design
The location, number and dimensions of the perforations are based on customer’s design and specifications.
PalaDrain pipe can be used as a filter using two methods:
  • By covering the PalaDrain pipe on the outside with geotextile fabric.
  • By filling the vertical PalaDrain pipe on the inside with gravel.

Main Applications
  • Storm water and underground water drainage
  • Rain water drainage
  • Drainage of agricultural areas
  • Drainage of tunnel and roads (shoulders)
  • Seepage pit drainage