PalaDu Line
PalaDu is a double wall corrugated pipe made from Polypropylene material. The external color is black and the internal color is violet with a smooth finish. The pipe comes with an integral socket and spigot enabling an easy and tight connection. Polypropylene has many advantages such as a high elasticity modulus providing great annular strength relatively to weight. The material is a thermoplastic polymer used in a variety of applications becoming more and more significant in fluid conduction in recent years.

Main Features and Advantages
  • Lightweight: easy to handle and transport
  • Extra strong and durable
  • Long lifespan
  • Pipe length easily shortened: cut to length on site
  • Ring Stiffness is >8 kN/m
  • Extreme temperature range tolerance
  • High resistance to chemicals and other corrosive agents
  • Quick, easy installation using light construction equipment
  • Simple and fast connection: integral socket to spigot
  • Manufactured from Non virgin material (up to 20%)- Eco-friendly
  • Purple stripe all along its entire length.
  • Low Manning coefficient (0.009) effect on Speed and Velocity
Applications and usage
  • Drainage of road, highways and culverts
  • Gravity and atmospheric pressure
  • Transfer of domestic wastewater
  • Drainage of urban areas
  • Canalization of agricultural areas
  • Conduction of sea water
  • Removal of chemical wastewater
  • Protective wells radius
  • Disposal of sewage wastewater
  • Attenuation water tanks and reservoirs
  • Seepage pits
Connections and Water tightness
PalaDu pipes come with an integral socket and spigot. Connecting the pipes is performed easily using a socket-to-spigot technique.
No welding or any other external mechanical adapter is required. The socket length is 210-320 mm (larger than the standard) to
ensure excellent water tightness. The connections are resistant to inside pressure of 0.5 bars and comply with the international standards.


Hydraulic Characteristics