PalaPro Line
PalaPro is a top quality double wall corrugated pipe made from Polypropylene material.
The external color is black and the internal color is blue with a smooth finish.
The pipe comes with an integral socket and spigot enabling an easy and tight connection.
Polypropylene has many advantages such as a high elasticity modulus providing great annular strength relatively to weight.
The material is a thermoplastic polymer used in a variety of applications becoming more and more significant in
fluid conduction in recent years.

Main Features and Advantages
  • Lightweight: easy to handle and transport
  • Extra strong and durable
  • Long lifespan
  • Pipe length easily shortened: cut to length on site
  • Ring Stiffness is >8 kN/m
  • Extreme temperature range tolerance
  • High resistance to chemicals and other corrosive agents
  • Quick, easy installation using light construction equipment
  • Simple and fast connection: integral socket to spigot
  • Purple stripe all along its entire length.
  • Low Manning coefficient (0.009) effect on Speed and Velocity
Applications and usage 
  • Drainage of road, highways and culverts
  • Gravity and atmospheric pressure
  • Transfer of domestic wastewater
  • Drainage of urban areas
  • Canalization of agricultural areas
  • Conduction of sea water
  • Removal of chemical wastewater
  • Protective wells radius
  • Disposal of sewage wastewater
  • Attenuation water tanks and reservoirs
  • Seepage pits

Connections and Water tightness
PalaPro pipes come with an integral socket and spigot. Connecting the pipes is performed easily using a socket-to-spigot technique.
No welding or any other external mechanical adapter is required. The socket length is 210-320 mm (larger than the standard) to
ensure excellent water tightness. The connections are resistant to inside pressure of 0.5 bars and comply with the international standards.

DN 400 is not covered by the NF 442 certification

Hydraulic Characteristics

Standard - EN13476-3
Certification - NF 442