From its production and warehouse facilities located in Europe and the Middle East, Paladex has been producing the most innovative pipe systems for more than 15 years. Paladex steel spiral pipe is a top quality corrugated pipe produced using an advanced technology which coatining corrugated galvanized steel pipe with Polyethylene layer . Thousands of meters of Paladex pipe have been installed in projects worldwide, primarily for drainage and sewage disposal applications for roadwork, and in municipal and agricultural sectors.Unique manufacturing technology allows for the production of medium- and large-diameter pipes that combine extremely high mechanical strength with low weight. As a result, transportation and installation are much easier.

Paladex has a highly professional R&D department enabling for the development and production of pipes and pipe accessories and their subsequent adaptation to local markets, placing special emphasis on their suitability to geographic and climatic conditions in specific regions.
The Company has accumulated extensive experience over the years, which is applied to its product manufacturing. 
Ongoing research, and collaboration with others in related specialized fields, forms the basis for the development of new products and constant improvements to existing ones. Paladex engineers regularly engage in product improvement and adaptation to meet the ever-changing demands of the market. The team offers system solutions for all pipe requirments.
Paladex’s respected reputation is a result of its consistent efforts to maintain its high-quality products, offer on-site solutions and develop new products.